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CITY <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> SNOHOMISH COUNTY AND CITY OF EVERETT FOR <br /> PROVISION OF JUVENILE DETENTION SERVICES <br /> This Interlocal Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between SNOHOMISH <br /> COUNTY ("County"), a political subdivision of the State of Washington and the City of <br /> Everett ("City"), a municipal corporation of the State of Washington. <br /> Now therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the Inter-local Cooperation Act of <br /> 1967, Chapter 39.34 RCW and RCW 13.04.030(1)(e)(iii). <br /> I. GENERAL PROVISIONS <br /> 1. Purpose <br /> The County has and maintains a juvenile detention facility ("Facility") at the Denney <br /> Juvenile Justice Center pursuant to Chapter 13 RCW, et. Seq. The City has a need to <br /> detain youth under the age of 18 who are alleged or adjudicated juvenile offenders <br /> pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington, but does not have facilities to lodge <br /> said youth. In exchange for payment as outlined in section III.1, the County agrees to <br /> provide detention services as set forth in this agreement. <br /> 2. Term <br /> The effective date of this Agreement shall be upon execution of this Agreement by <br /> the parties and shall continue in effect until December 31, 2019, or until terminated <br /> by either party in accordance with provisions of section I1I.4, provided that the <br /> County's obligations are contingent upon local legislative appropriation of necessary <br /> funds for the purpose of funding this agreement in accordance with applicable laws <br /> and the Snohomish County Charter. <br /> 3. Termination <br /> This agreement may be terminated by either party for any reason at any time prior to <br /> its expiration upon thirty (30) calendar days, prior written notice provided pursuant to <br /> Section III.5. <br /> 1 <br />