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6. No public utility vehicle which is clearly and appropriately marked <br /> and identified as such will be required to display a permit as provided herein. Any public <br /> utility using unmarked vehicles shall provide the city clerk or designee with a list of <br /> license numbers for those unmarked vehicles and will be issued a sticker for each vehicle <br /> which sticker must be properly displayed. <br /> In no event shall vehicles obstruct or hinder vehicular or pedestrian travel. The <br /> service parking permit does not exempt the holder from the time restriction in a loading <br /> zone. <br /> Be and the same is hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> A. Persons conducting loading operations or providing service on more than a <br /> business provide delivery service or repair service in commercial vehicles. <br /> B. A service parking permit exempts permitted commercial vehicles from <br /> or while actively providing delivery service or repair service in a commercial vehicle. <br /> C. The following procedure shall be followed in the issuance of service <br /> part permit <br /> 0. Application shall be made to the city clerk(or designee) on a form <br /> license number and the necessity for such permit. <br /> 0. If it appears that the criteria set forth herein arc met and that the <br /> and regulations promulgated by the city clerk. <br /> 0. The city clerk(or designee) may revoke any service parking permit <br /> if the permit is used for any purpose other than that authorized herein or if the vehicle <br /> authorized to display such permit obstructs any alley, sidewalk, or street, or parks in a <br /> Page 3 of 20 <br />