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CITY <br /> r- Service <br /> to Integrity <br /> r 1Respect <br /> E V E R E T T Community . <br /> HOUSING AUTHORITY €wsdomip <br /> Creativity <br /> Memorandum of Understanding <br /> This Memorandum of Understanding("Agreement")Is entered Into effective& 1'N 2018 by <br /> and between the Everett Housing Authority(EHA)and the Everett Police.Department(EPD)(collectively <br /> referred to herein as the"Parties")to allow the Everett Housing Police Department to utilize vacant. <br /> house units owned by EHA for training as detailed herein; <br /> Whereas,(HA is a public entity providing and developing affordable housing and is in the process <br /> vacating tenants from its owned property at the Baker Heights Development and; <br /> Whereas,some of the units at the Baker Heights are now vacant and EPD wishes to utilize vacant units for <br /> training its officers regarding entering units for police activities; <br /> Therefore,the Parties agree to enter into this Agreement allowing the EPD use of vacant housing units at <br /> Baker Heights for training purposes as detailed herein pursuant to the following terms and conditions: <br /> 1. Term;Effective Date. The term of this Agreement shall be for 6-months from the date of signing. This <br /> Agreement may be terminated by either party with or without cause upon thirty(30)days written <br /> notice to the other. This Agreement may be modifiedbut only in writing and by mutual consent of <br /> the parties. <br /> 2. Scope of Training. <br /> Proposed training will consist of on duty patrol officers coming through vacant residences In small groups <br /> of 3-4 at a time with Sergeant Chris Bennett working as a moderator. Timing and dates will vary as <br /> training will be conducted as the 911 call load allows during the night,generally between 5 pm and 5 <br /> am. Officers will be in full uniform and will drive marked patrol vehicles, The purpose of this training will <br /> be to Increase EPD proficiency at searching and clearing residential structures through practical exercises <br /> that focus on communication and tactics. For entry purposes front and rear doors will be used(no <br /> windows)and these exercises will consist of officers essentially walking through, Firearms will be <br /> holstered and the only expected tools that will be used will be flashlights. Noise will be minimal as it will <br /> be voices at a"talking"level and no sirens,emergency lights or will be used."Police Training <br /> in Progress'signs can placed near pollee vehicles if EHA so desires. <br /> Although"timing and dates may vary",The Everett Police Department will make every effort to <br /> coordinate a schedule,or at the very least,alert.the Everett Housing Authority's point of contact,at the <br /> earliest possible opportunity,that training will betaking place at the Baker Heights site. <br /> The only units to be used for training are as follows: <br /> 1402 Pine Street,1404 Pine Street,1406 Pine Street,1408 Pine Street, 1410 Pine Street, 1412 Pine <br /> Street,1416 Pine Street, 1.418 Pine Street,1420 Pine Street, 1422 Pine Street. <br /> 3.. Specifically prohibited in this agreement shall be any activity that can damage the unit(s)being used <br /> including but not limited to: kicking in doors or windows,discharging of weapons,and use of <br /> concussion bombs or tear gas. <br /> 4. Insurance. It is understood that The Everett Housing Authority has no coverage for police liability and willrely <br /> on the Everett Police Department's coverage for bodily injury and property damage for claims and/or lawsuits <br /> Mailing: P.O.Box 1547 Everett,WA 98206-1547 I Office:3107 Colby Avenue Everett,WA 98201 ( (425)258-9222 <br />