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CITY <br /> � F� Central Pierce Fire & Rescue <br /> var <br /> c, ►� t Pierce County Fire District No. 6 <br /> Mailing Address: P.O. Box 940, Spanaway, WA 98387 <br /> 'a District Headquarters: 17520—22nd Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98445 <br /> FIRE&RESCUE (253) 538-6400 (253) 276-6770 - Fax <br /> <br /> September 24,2018 <br /> Everett Fire Department <br /> ATTN: Chief Tim Key <br /> Re: GEMT Reimbursement-Money Paid to AP Triton(Consultant) <br /> Chief Key, <br /> The purpose of this letter is to secure your commitment to reimburse the agencies that <br /> "fronted" the money required to compensate AP Triton for their efforts to bring Ground <br /> Emergency Medical Transportation(GEMT)to the State of Washington. As you know, Keith <br /> Wright and Central Pierce Fire&Rescue spearheaded,with the aid of seven other fire agencies, <br /> the effort to bring this federal reimbursement for medical transport program to our State for the <br /> first time in history. <br /> The legislative effort was successful in 2015 and now the GEMT program is generating <br /> thousands of dollars in federal money to reimburse over a hundred fire agencies in this state, or <br /> at least to partially reimburse those fire departments for the high cost of transporting patients <br /> who qualify for such transport. <br /> The financial commitments by eight(8)fire agencies--listed by name and amount on the <br /> GEMT Contract Overview page attached--amounted to a total of$560,000.00 paid to the <br /> consultant,AP Triton. <br /> In the October 2017 seminars, which were held in Olympia,Everett, and Spokane,Keith <br /> discussed that it would be appropriate to reimburse these eight(8)agencies for their "seed <br /> money",which they paid to get GEMT successfully through the legislative and implementation <br /> processes. A few of these agencies are entitled to large credits,when one considers their logical <br /> allocation of the original cost. <br /> What we have done to derive the attached allocations for each of the fire departments <br /> receiving GEMT money is basically this: We have taken each agencies' transports divided by <br /> the total number of transports (about 150,000)to reach the percent allocation. Thereafter,we <br /> have credited against the-eight(8)agencies' allocations any prepaid amounts they contributed. <br /> They have not been given any interest credit on the funds expended in prior years. <br /> GEMT Reimbursement Page 1 of 2 <br />