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In addition, Central Pierce expended$9,547.00 in overtime pay for Keith to attend the <br /> numerous meetings with the Healthcare Authority in Olympia and other tasks that could not be <br /> accomplished on-duty. This amount has been credited to CPFR in the allocation spreadsheet. <br /> We realize that to date there is no contractual obligation or promise by agencies to <br /> reimburse the eight(8)original agencies that fronted this money to pay the consultants. <br /> However,we are now seeking your commitment to make these small reimbursements to the <br /> eight(8)agencies,recognizing that all GEMT participating agencies are now receiving GEMT <br /> funds they never would have received had the eight(8)agencies not had the foresight to bring <br /> this project forward to the Legislature in 2015. If you are in agreement that this is the right,just, <br /> and equitable thing to do,please sign where indicated on the second page of this letter and <br /> consider this letter to be an invoice. We suggest that reimbursement be made within thirty(30) <br /> days after you receive your first reimbursement of GEMT money. Central Pierce will be the <br /> collection point and we will see to it that the eight agencies receive whatever credit they are <br /> entitled to under the allocation formula(see attached). <br /> Very truly yours, <br /> p; <br /> Keith Wright <br /> Battalion Chief, CPFR <br /> President,Washington Fire Chiefs <br /> AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPA 1=J _IN REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM <br /> On behalf of Everett Fire Department I agree that our agency will pay its fair share <br /> allocation, as indicated on the enclosed GEMT Reimbursement Allocation sheet, and that the <br /> undersigned has authority to do so,delegated to me by the elected officials who manage the <br /> above-named fire service agency. The funds will be taken from GEMT reimbursement receipts, <br /> as and when received by our agency, and forwarded to Central Pierce Fire&Rescue for <br /> allocation per the allocation formula. <br /> Reimbursement portion is$10,747.35. <br /> By <br /> Its (j1 F-Y t a--- (Title) <br /> GEMT Reimbursement Program AP •OVED • 0 ••M <br /> c/o Central Pierce Fire&Rescue A//��` I <br /> PO Box 940 JAMES D.ILES,C',$ • orney <br /> Spanaway,WA 98387 <br /> AT ST: <br /> dej 4 J J4 <br /> City C erk <br /> GEMT Reimbursement Page 2 of 2 <br />