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ORDINANCE NO. ________ <br />An ORDINANCE relating to public health and safety creating Service Facility Buffer Zones for social <br />services providers, shelter and temporary housing providers, and other high impact areas and amending <br />Title 9 of the Everett Municipal Code by enacting a new Chapter 9.54 EMC. <br />WHEREAS, <br />A.The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35.22.280 empowers first-class cities to regulate and <br />control the use of streets and sidewalks, to declare and abate nuisances, to provide for the <br />punishment of conduct and practices dangerous to public health or safety, and to provide for <br />regulations necessary for the preservation of public morality, health, peace, and good order, and <br />Article XI, section 11 of the State Constitution authorizes cities to make and enforce all police, <br />sanitary, and other regulations not in conflict with general laws. <br />B.It is the objective of the City Council that all individuals residing in the City have adequate shelter <br />and access to treatment services, and this ordinance is intended to encourage and promote this <br />objective. <br />C.Homelessness, substance use disorders, and insufficient access to substance use and mental <br />health treatment are all significant problems in the City of Everett and the City is committed to <br />providing additional treatment capacity and permitted emergency shelter and permanent <br />housing for the City’s unhoused residents. <br />D.The City recognizes that the impacts of street-level social issues are not evenly distributed <br />throughout the City. <br />E.The areas surrounding treatment and housing services and surrounding certain other high impact <br />locations such as large retail stores are disproportionality adversely impacted by street-level social <br />issues on public property that make the use of the public property difficult, unsafe, or <br />unwelcoming and affect the safety and quality of life of nearby property owners, businesses, <br />residents, and the general public. <br />F.The impact of street-level social issues, nuisance criminal activity, and open air drug activity that <br />sometimes exist near treatment or housing services impacts the health and safety of the <br />surrounding community by causing excessive garbage, used hypodermic needles, human feces, <br />rat infestations, and personal violence against, by, and among those gathered there. <br />G.Street-level social issues, nuisance criminal activity, and open air drug activity that sometimes <br />exist near treatment or housing services all have a negative impact on neighborhoods where they <br />are located by inhibiting the public use of those areas for their intended purposes and can <br />3957-23