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CITY <br /> AGREEMENT FOR INMATE HOUSING 2018 <br /> THIS INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT FOR INMATE HOUSING (hereinafter "Agreement") is made and <br /> entered into by and between Yakima County (hereinafter the "County") and the City of <br /> Everett (hereinafter the "City"). <br /> WHEREAS, RCW Chapters 39.34 and RCW 70.48 authorize the City and the County to <br /> enter into a contract for inmate housing, and <br /> WHEREAS, the City desires to transfer custody of certain of its inmates to the County to <br /> be housed in the County's corrections facilities during those inmates' confinement, and to <br /> compensate the County for housing such inmates, and <br /> WHEREAS, the County desires to house inmates who would be otherwise in the City's <br /> custody on the terms agreed herein. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions, and promises <br /> contained herein, the parties hereto mutually agree as follows: <br /> 1. Purpose. The purpose and intent of this Agreement is to establish the terms under <br /> which the County will house City inmates. <br /> 2. Definitions. <br /> Business day means Monday through Friday excluding Yakima County standard holidays. <br /> Committing Court means the court that issued the order or sentence that established the <br /> City's custody of a City Inmate. <br /> Detainer — A legal order authorizing or commanding another agency a right to take custody of <br /> a person. <br /> City Inmate means a person subject to City custody who is transferred to County custody <br /> under this Agreement <br /> 3. General Provisions. The County shall accept City Inmates according to the terms of <br /> this Agreement and shall provide housing, care, and custody of those City Inmates in the same <br /> manner as it provides housing, care and custody to its own inmates. <br /> The County shall manage, maintain, and operate its corrections facilities in compliance with all <br /> applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. <br /> 4. Right to Refuse or Return Inmate. To the greatest extent permitted by law, the <br /> County shall have the right to refuse to accept a City Inmate or to return a City Inmate to the <br /> City, if the Inmate has a current illness or injury that is listed in Attachment A - Medical <br /> Acceptability. The County shall provide notice to the City at least one business day prior to <br /> transport. <br /> 5. Inmate Transport. County Transported: The County shall transport Inmates to and <br /> from the County's corrections facilities except when weather or other conditions beyond the <br /> County's control prevent transport. Inmate transport dates will be determined by the <br /> amount of inmates the City has housed with the County. <br /> Agreement for Inmate Housing -- 2018 <br /> Page 1 <br />