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EXHIBIT A-1 <br /> SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br /> EVERETT - COMMUNITY HOUSING IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM <br /> TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br /> A. Designation <br /> This HOME Agreement is made by and between Snohomish County, a <br /> political subdivision of the State of Washington and the representative <br /> member of the Snohomish County HOME Consortium Participating <br /> Jurisdiction (hereinafter the "County"), and the City of Everett, a municipal <br /> corporation of the State of Washington and a member of the Snohomish <br /> County HOME Consortium Participating Jurisdiction (hereinafter the <br /> "Agency"). Contingent upon release of funds from the U.S. Department of <br /> Housing and Urban Development (hereinafter "HUD"), the Agency expressly <br /> agrees to undertake, that certain homeowner housing rehabilitation loan <br /> program referred to as "Everett - Community Housing Improvement <br /> Program" (hereinafter, the "Project"), more fully described in the statement of <br /> work, Exhibit B, attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, <br /> as the same is commonly referred to as a HOME Investment Partnerships <br /> Program (hereinafter "Program") project within the HOME Investment <br /> Partnerships Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. § 12701 et seq., as now or hereafter <br /> amended (hereinafter the "Act"). <br /> The undertaking of the Project shall be in full accord with the Act, and all rules <br /> and regulations promulgated pursuant to the Act and the HOME Regulations, <br /> including the 2013 HOME Final Rule issued by HUD, and referenced in the <br /> Rules and Regulations in the Federal Register, Vol. 78, No. 142, July 24, <br /> 2013, which are incorporated in full herein by this reference. The Agency <br /> agrees to comply fully with all applicable Federal, state, and local laws, <br /> ordinances, and regulations in activities funded in whole or in part with funds <br /> provided through this Agreement and in carrying out the Project in <br /> accordance with Exhibit B and with all other terms of this Agreement. <br /> B. Subgrant <br /> 1. The subgrant of three hundred nine thousand and ten dollars <br /> ($309,010) in 2016 HOME funds and eighty-three thousand nine <br /> hundred ninety-nine dollars ($83,999) in pre-2015 HOME funds for a <br /> total subgrant of three hundred ninety-three thousand and nine dollars <br /> ($393,009) is provided to the Agency for the full undertaking and <br /> Exhibit A-1 <br /> HCS-16-42-1601-198(1) <br /> City of Everett <br /> Page 1 of 24 <br />