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Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound 12/13/2017[Icon] 2018 Crime Stoppers Funding Agreement 3 Contracts
Department of Interior National Park Service 7/12/2017[Icon] Special Use Permit North Cascades 14 Contracts
Department of Justice 2/12/2018[Icon] Equitable Sharing Asset Forfeiture Report 4 Contracts
Everett Community College 4/28/2018[Icon] Use of EvCCs Parking Lot for 2018 Festivals 7 Contracts
Everett School District 6/15/2016[Icon] Cooperative Use of Facilities 30 Contracts
HOME Funds Amend 1[Icon] Kennedy Court HOME funds HCS-15-42-1213-198 8 Contracts
King County Laboratory Services 12/22/2017[Icon] Organics and Algae Testing for 2018 7 Contracts
Marshland Flood Control District 10/11/2017 Amendment 1[Icon] Hillside Runoff In Marshland Drainage Basin 10 Contracts
Marshland Flood Control District 11/13/2018 Amendment 2[Icon] Hillside Runoff in Marshland Drainage Basin 8 Contracts
Marysville Fire District & Lake Stevens Fire 5/8/2017[Icon] In-Service Training Sessions 6 Contracts
Port of Everett 3/21/2018[Icon] Use of Port of Everett Property 1 Contracts
Port of Everett 3/21/2018 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Use of Port of Everett Property 1 Contracts
Port of Everett 6/1/2016[Icon] Letter of Understanding Police Boats 4 Contracts
Snohomish County 1/23/2018[Icon] DUI Related Police Training 7 Contracts
Snohomish County 12/6/2017[Icon] Sex Offender Verification Program Services 6 Contracts
Snohomish County 4/25/2018[Icon] GIS Analysis of Marshland Drainage Basin 7 Contracts
Snohomish County 6/18/2018[Icon] Diversion Center Participation 7 Contracts
Snohomish County Conservation District 4/24/2018[Icon] Assist with Rain Gardens Natural Yard Care 2 Contracts
Snohomish Health District 8/14/2017[Icon] Data Sharing for Weekly Death List 2 Contracts
State of Washington Department of Ecology 9/28/2017[Icon] Forestry Restoration Projects 7 Contracts
US Marshals Service 2/1/2018[Icon] Obligation Cost Reimbursement 7 Contracts
WA Dept of Ecology WQC-2016-EverPW-00014 6/8/2016[Icon] Cleveland Ave Sewer Repl Financial Assistance 41 Contracts
WA Dept of Natural Resources 5/20/2016[Icon] MOU 16-350 WA DNR Tree Inventory 14 Contracts
Washington Department of Fish and Game 8/15/2017[Icon] Watershed Patrol at Lake Chaplain 15 Contracts
Washington Traffic Safety Commission 10/30/2017[Icon] High VisibilityTraffic Safety Emphasis Patrol 15 Contracts
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