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Everett Community College 5/23/2019[Icon] Parking Lot Usage 6 Contracts
Global Spectrum LP 8/2/2019[Icon] Law Enforcement Services Agreement 4 Contracts
Mukilteo School District 3/23/2016[Icon] School Impact Fee Collection 5 Contracts
Port of Everett 9/12/2018[Icon] Cooperative Use of Facilities Equipment 3 Contracts
PUD No 1 of Snohomish County 1/4/2019[Icon] Energy Efficiency Incentive 2 Contracts
PUD No 1 of Snohomish County 1/4/2019 Amendment 1[Icon] Wastewater Energy Cohort 4 Contracts
Snohomish County 1/16/2019[Icon] DUI Related Police Training 4 Contracts
Snohomish County 1/16/2019 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Pedestrian Safety Campaign 4 Contracts
Snohomish County 11/2/2018[Icon] Sex Offender Address Verification Services 6 Contracts
Snohomish County 11/2/2018 ‎(2)‎[Icon] Provide Attractive and Safe Downtown 4 Contracts
Snohomish County 12/31/2019[Icon] Recovery Cafe 9 Contracts
Snohomish County 2/28/2019[Icon] Natural Yard Care 11 Contracts
Snohomish County 3/14/2018[Icon] Distribution of Vessel Registration Fees 4 Contracts
Snohomish County Human Services 2/1/2019[Icon] First Responders Flex Fund Contract 11 Contracts
Snohomish County Public Utility District 4/9/2017[Icon] Wastewater Energy Cohort Program 9 Contracts
Snohomish County Sheriff 10/29/2018[Icon] Snohomish County Diversion Center Participati 1 Contracts
Snohomish Health District 2/13/2019[Icon] Per Capita Contribution 5 Contracts
South Correction Entity SCORE 1/11/2016[Icon] Inmate Housing 16 Contracts
South Correction Entity SCORE Amendment 1 8/1/2016 Amendment 1[Icon] Inmate Housing 2017 Bed Rates 1 Contracts
South Correctional Entity 1/11/2016[Icon] Inmate Housing 16 Contracts
South Correctional Entity SCORE 7/27/2017 Amendment 2[Icon] Inmate Housing 2018 bed rates 3 Contracts
University of Washington and Cascadia College 9/19/2018 Amendment 2[Icon] UW and Cascadia College U-Pass 12 Contracts
WA State Dept of Ecology 5/1/2018[Icon] Periodic Review of Shoreline Master Program 25 Contracts
WA State Dept of Ecology 7/18/2018[Icon] Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance Grant 20 Contracts
WA State Dept of Ecology Amend 1[Icon] Remdial Action Grant Everett Landfill 4 Contracts
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